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What does Roozenbeek Translations do?

Roozenbeek Translations offers professional, accurate and low-priced translations from Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Dutch.

For the translation of files including, but certainly not limited to, user manuals, patents, business documents, websites, interviews, subtitles, marriage certificates and purchase agreements.

Roozenbeek Translations uses CAT-tools (Computer Assisted Translation) and professional translation software so we can guarantee a speedy, highly reliable service at attractive rates.

About Roozenbeek Translations

Why hire a professional translator?

Every company that does business abroad deals with documents that are either in a language it is unfamiliar with, or simply take too much time to translate. Online translators may seem like a good solution, but, unfortunately, this is rarely the case. These online translators are incapable of understanding complex sentences, and often make serious mistakes in choice of words, syntax and grammar.

Google Translate is a good example of this. Even though Google's translation tool has improved a lot in the past few years, it is still wholly incapable of understanding complex syntax, expressions and proverbs, or even homonyms. And because it is a robot, it always will be.

Professional translators have an extensive knowledge of languages, and know how to deal with such problems properly. They understand the context and contents of a certain document in a way no computer ever could. Using them, companies are protected from problems caused by errors in translation and miscommunications, potentially leading to a loss of clients or revenue.

Why hire Roozenbeek Translations?

Jon Roozenbeek

Roozenbeek Translations is a one man company. The owner and founder, Jon Roozenbeek, is a Dutch native who graduated in Russian Studies combined with Portuguese from the University of Leiden in 2012, after two years of studying. Before all this, he did a thorough Spanish course in 2009, after which he traveled through South-America for four months, gaining an extensive knowledge of the Spanish language. While there, he also vastly expanded his pre-existing knowledge of German and English. After this, he studied Mandarin Chinese for one year at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, where his English attained near-native fluency.

Because Roozenbeek Translations is only run by one man, it is able to keep its prices extremely low. Larger translation agencies have to invest in maintenance, staff and office accomodation, all of which are things Roozenbeek Translations does not need.

Furthermore, Roozenbeek Translations guarantees a speedy and high quality service, thanks in part to the use of professional translation software such as CAT-tools and modern online dictionaries.

CAT-tools (Computer Assisted Translation) support the translator by automatically filling in previously translated words and sentences as they come up in the text. This way, a lot less time is spent looking up words and phrases. They also guarantee a greater consistency and unity within the document itself.

Online dictionaries are of the same quality as printed dictionaries, but are much easier to use due to their 'search' option. No longer does the translator have to flip through heavy books to find the word he is looking for, but can simply look it up by typing the word in the search bar.

The use of these technologies can increase the speed of translation by up to 300%.


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